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Why did KIKI DEE introduce The Gresh and Helen to ELTON JOHN?

Why Did actor REGINALD MARSH introduce TONY CURTIS to the Gresh?

Between the late 60's and mid 80's there was only one company supplying a complete "Personal Appearance Promotion" Package. That was the Gresh. The Gresh supplied and arranged everything from the Celebrity, the travel arrangements, Posters advertising the event. A Compere to introduce the "Star" and most important of all a complete range of Greshstyle Personally signed publicity photocards which would remain a constant reminder of that very special day!

The Gresh will talk about any of the people listed on his publicity material, but he might also know stories about "Other" stars? so always try him?......


Whilst the Gresh would love to come and entertain you it's very important to note that he doesn't like official Dinner Jacket events.

He's perfectly happy to appear in smart suite, but doesn't wear ties. But as The Gresh says "Do you want a fashion show" or entertainment?

After organising an impressive meal for friends or colleagues, what better way could there be than to let them relax and listen to amusing tales and anecdotes relating to many famous people. And who better than 'The Gresh' to tell them!

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