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CARL GRESHAM started a career as a broadcaster, but soon ventured into employment as a columnist, disc jockey, actor, presenter and a musicologist. While fulfilling these wonderful roles, it was perhaps inevitable that he should develop personal friendships with many of the stars who he later employed when he launched his "Personal Appearances" company.

Not that all his earlier career moves were meticulously planned! After being sacked by his local record shop for taking the job as stand-in for TOM COURTENAY in the film "Billy Liar", Carl was promptly fired when the producers read the local press story of how he had got the job. Undaunted, he went on to other ventures - and, if you look very closely at the early "Coronation Street" episodes, you might just catch a glimpse of Carl when he played Jerry Booth's cycling club mate!

It was the late seventies when he launched the exclusive "Celebrity Personal Appearance" booking agency that arranged everything from the booking of the Star to the production of posters. He recalls one occasion when WOOLWORTHS booked thirty-six celebrities to appear in thirty-six different stores throughout the UK, and all on one day! "I had to dig deep for that job" says Carl, "Where on earth would 1 find so many star names available at one time?" He managed it!

He also started his "Business Gift House" company in the late seventies, specialising in sourcing and personalising luxury and promotional products. He continues to concentrate a great deal of his time on offering high quality and value for money service to his clients who range from sole traders to international corporations. Constantly introducing new lines requires him to regularly up-date his main catalogue with supplements.

The entertainment world ranks high amongst Carl's clients as he supplies presentation gifts for television companies for their TV Quiz shows, as well as souvenir merchandise for theatre shows and concerts. And, of course, he has a vast range of specialist pantomime merchandise always available from stock. One of his biggest sellers every Panto Season is his Foam BOO! Hand that the kids love to wave and "Boo" at the baddie every time they appear!