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Mondays at 1-00pm -repeated- Tuesday Mornings at 9-00am (GMT)

Here's what's coming up on "Carl Gresham & Friends"...........

Also hear the Gresh every Sunday night at 6-00pm (UK and Spanish Time) on

Broadcasting throughout the Costa Del Sol Region - A Wow Production!

Spot the Celebrities" with The Gresh

The Gresh with Nigel Lambert. Frazer Hines Sam Stone and David J. Howe

Gresh with Martin O'Connell

With Martin OP'Connell and Nigel Lambert

Martin O'Connell in full flow on You Tube

The Colne Valley Male Voice Choir appearing at the Eden Project in Cornwall

The Colne Valley Male Voice Choir at the Theatre by the Lake, Keswick

The Gresh with Graham "Grumbleweed" Walker

The Gresh with Christopher Biggins

The Gresh with Producer JOHN PELL recording another Gresh Special at BCB on Sunday, 11th July 2010

Best Of British" Comedy team!

"On Tuesday, 9th September The Gresh, BCB Chief Engineer and his lovely wife Fay went to the St. George's Hall to interview the "Best Of British" Comedy team, and these are some of the pictures Steve and Fay took - there's more to come but for now...enjoy

1) "Spot The Celebrities" Paul And Debbie Daniels; Jimmy Cricket; Ian And Janette Tough "The Krankies"; Frank Carson; And Nicky And Sandra Stevens with Martin Lee and Lee Sheridan - all original members of "The Brotherhood Of Man" who provided a superb musical set.

2) Ian And Janette Tough - "The Krankies"

3) Jimmy Cricket and young Magician Mark Waddington

4) Debbie McGee (Mrs Paul Daniels)

5) Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee

6) Frank Carson

7) Cannon & Ball

Exclusive Bonus Shots

Cannon and Ball

a) Producer Steve White in the background setting the recorder for "Start!"

b) The Gresh says...May I Introduce........!

c) Before you leave us Tommy and Bobby, tell us about.....?

Jimmy Cricket and Mark Waddington

a) Jimmy chats away

b) Jimmy Introduces Mark Waddington (a Young Magician with a Great Future!)

c) Mark in the Interview Chair........

"Exclusive Back Stage Pics of the Gresh in Interview Mode"

1) The Krankies

a) Ian in Deep Thought

b) Telling the story of Janette's Pantomine Accident in Scotland.

c) ..with even more wonderful stories

1) Paul Daniels & Debbie McGee

Some people like to fully relax when being Interviewed by the Gresh.......!!!!!

Wife Debbie mcGee looks and and prepares for her chat with The Gresh.....!

Gresh with Debbie......Wonderful!!!!!!!

Frank Carson

Notice (Through The Mirror) our Producer and Sound Engineer Steve White taking these "exclusive" shots...

Notice our Programme Coordinator Fay (Wife of Steve) White checking recording levels! as Frank continues to entertain with some terrific stories and gags

Still at it after 10 Minutes and going strong, That's the Professional Frank is.....!

Some great times at BCB

Mike Winters (Of Mike and Bernie Winters Fame) recording a "Special" with the Gresh on Wednesday Afternoon, 23rd July in which he promotes his new book "Axis of Greatness" Telling the life and times of Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard along with their coach and manager Angelo Dundee..On sale NOW in Hardback for £14.99p Published by JR Books - check their website for further details:

Gresh with Mike Winters & Steve White (BCB's ICT Co-Ordinator)

Ian Brill & Gresh & Mike Winters: Steve White

Jonathan Pinfield (BCB's Broadcast Manager) with Mike Winters

Mike and The Gresh

The Gresh with Mike

Bachelor Con Cluskey with The Gresh and Rockin' Ronnie

Bill Wyman & The Gresh CD Details

Bill Wyman & The Gresh

Bill Wyman

Bill Wyman again

Bill Wyman yet again

Bobby Bennett and The Gresh

Bobby Bennett and The Gresh

Frazer Hines and The Gresh

Graham Grumbleweed Walker with Jim Brennan

Graham Grumbleweed Walker with Nigel Lambert

Graham Grumbleweed Walker with Victoria

Graham Grumbleweed Walker with the gresh

Gresh, Frazer, Mark, Ronnie, Myra

Gresh with Ivan Trusler

Gresh with Paul Daniels

Ivan Trusler and The Gresh

Ivan Trusle

Sandie Parrish with The Gresh

Swinging Sue with Frazer Hines and Sue's Husband George

The Gresh with Jimmy Cricket


The Gresh with Mark Wynter and Frazer Hines

The Gresh with Mark Wynter and Frazer Hines

The Gresh with Mark Wynter

The Gresh with Stuart Atkins

The Gresh with Swinging Sue & Jimmy Cricket

Gresh and Myra with Ricky Tomlinson

Gresh with Duncan Norvelle

Gresh with Ricky Tomlinson and Myra

Richard Harding and The Gresh

(click for bigger version) This was sent by Ron Tennant who heard the P.J. Special last Monday (1/6/09) and enjoyed it so much that he wanted to let me know. The painting was done for P.J. a couple of years ago. It's P.J. & Johnny Cash jamming together (on my little settee).P.J. has the pic hanging in his Winnebago.

Ardant Fan Ron Tennant from Belgium with his hero P.J. Proby - a picture taken in P.J's back garden in England

The Gresh is heard all over the world and in places around the's what some of them say about the Gresh show

Hi Gresh

Thank you so much for a wonderful programme, Carl Gresham and Friends. I am quite addicted to your programme as you play an amazing variety of music of such good quality. I never know what is coming next - trad jazz, the Puppini Sisters, rock'n'roll, great male and female singers and the list really is endless. I find your programme evokes long forgotten memories for me. Some of the songs I remember well, others have been forgotten and lots I have never heard before but all of them a treat for the ears. I love it when you play tracks by other than the original recording artist, especially David Whitfield singing an Elvis hit, "That's when your heartaches begin". Lots of the nostalgia programmes only play music from the 40s and 50s but you just play incredibly good music from whatever era. Certainly there have been a few excellent performers over the past few years and it is good to hear them interspersed with the reliable oldies. Sadly your programme is but an hour long but I am sure putting it all together takes many, many more hours and I want to thank you so much for its listening enjoyment.

With love, Lyn Of Brevan Records

What a pleasure to listen to the Gresh's radio shows. music like it used to be and like it should be. One of the very few programmes that play real music.