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David Whitfield CD new release

front cover

"Hey There" Front Cover

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"Hey There" Front Cover

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Available from The Gresh at £10.00 Including P & P (UK only)

Co-Produced by Carl Gresham

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"The Gresh" with Ivan Trusler of Brevan Records,
producer of this great new CD

The Gresh with Ivan Trusler on Yorkshire TV's "Calendar" Monday. 15th October around 6-20pm. Promoting the release of "Hey There"


the Gresh in full flow...


Ivan and The Gresh

David Whitfield

I am so proud to have been DAVID WHITFIELD's Personal Manager during the latter part of his career. There is little doubt that his charm, charisma, and vocal dexterity won him thousands of new fans in his later years, and I was constantly being requested for David to sign this, and sign that. We always carried a quantity of glossy photograph's for him to sign to his new army of admirers.

In 1974 I pushed very hard for Phonogram to make a new album and I can tell you it took some persuading but in 1975 The Chappell Studios in Bond Street were booked. Some of the finest musicians were booked and David went into the studio to start recording. Morning was not the best time for David's voice, he had been so used to working evenings all his life. The Orchestra prepared all the backing tracks during the day. With all the backing tracks laid David came to the studios early evening to sing to his heart's content and produce a fine album. During coffee breaks I got talking to some of those fine musicians and was told that after this session for David some would soon be off to Decca to record a new Mantovani Album whilst others were off to EMI's Abbey Road to record the latest Geoff Love Album. One thing I will be eternally grateful for is that Phonogram did us proud with the musicians and having Len Hunter on board as both arranger and Director made the entire exercise totally worth while. Credit must also go to the arranging by Gerry Butler on "Make Believe" and "On The March Medley" - just listen to that clever Instrumental of "Colonel Bogey" sandwiched between "The Riff Song" and "Soldiers Dream". I have played the album many times on my Radio Programme *"Carl Gresham & Friends"* and have ranted and raged at my disappointment that "Hey There" hadn't ever been re-issued as a CD! But now it is and I can only thank Ivan Trusler and the small team at Brevan Records for making sure David can entertain a whole new audience.

*Carl Gresham and Friends can be heard worldwide on Mondays at 1pm (Repeated Tuesdays at 9am) And between mid September to late April live on Sundays at 11am. Just tune into and click on the "Listen Live" Icon - top right hand side of BCB's front web page.


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